Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tripod and scotch

There he goes!
riding into the sun.
He dissolves into a vapour
as he nears the burning orb.....

or maybe it's just a metaphor..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I realised that

everyone should take a somewhat spiritual journey and try Mirri's sweet chilli pumpkin chutney. A whole month. Every day. Turkish bread, capsicum, chilli.

I have a completely non-utilitarian wardrobe. Unless 'the greater good' translates to 'looking awesome yet freakishly gypsy-magicianesque'.

when I am rickrolled, I need to take advantage. It's a wonderful feeling.

if completing something is like jumping off a cliff, in a really happy way, then finding your inspiration is like seeing the edge for the first time and knowing where you're headed.

Milos Tchoron, of Galician

I should just do it. Let us find out if the time is now right.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sorry, but you've labelled that wrong

Ohhh some people.

I have come across a lot of mislabelling of people and groups etcetera lately. In particular; arrogance. It seems to be a commonly held belief that a suddenly mainstream group are all and I mean ALL arrogant. Oh what fun! Let us throw about names and believe that an entire "group" of people are arrogant simply because they can be placed in that group.

So, stereotypes my children! They are socially constructed. Personal traits are not handed out at the gates of stereotypeland. Stereotypes are based on different parts of different people and/OR what people interpret others to be. People are arrogant. If you bother to talk to people you can figure out easily whether you click with them and if they're worth your fucking time. I totally agree though, arrogance is horrible. It's one of the worst things to come across in a person and I dislike it as much as the next person. Although perhaps it can be handy in some situations? I shall muse on that and if I find an answer I'll let it be known.

My point is about naming things incorrectly. To label something or someone incorrectly is just ignorant and rude. I am sure I am guilty of it more often than I'd like. I know I judge people sometimes without giving them a chance and that is often when I know I will never need to or bother to get to know them.
Arrogance. Just say you hate arrogance. Then I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

You know it!! ahhh Kinnnnggsorrrleeeeawwn

Monday, April 19, 2010

Back in the day when I was a little boy

Here, have some things I used to either want to be or want to do when I was young and ignorant. When I say young I generally mean from 10-14 years of age but some things stretched until I was 17. Awkwardly enough. Most of them reflect my current veiws in no way whatsoever and I sometimes wonder where on earth they came from. Infact looking back I'm quite disgusted by things I've said or supported or had any interest in outside of complaining how terrible they are.
In no particular order here are my childhood fancies and uneducated wants;
I had an utter fascination with war and guns, all helped along by frequent viewing of NCIS. I was so in love with Ari that I don't think I cared that he killed Kate... I wanted to be just like him and kill people for a living, yay! Yes, when I was older I was either going to be an assassin or a sniper, preferably the former because it seemed cooler. Taekwondo also helped to teach me the handyness of super fast ninja reflexes, totally necessary for my future career. Admittedly, I still find the idea kind of sexy, but it's the fault of the way the profession is depicted on television. I am totally anti war these days and shall be forevermore! This also contributes to my feeling of desperation at my younger self when I remember that I wanted to join the army reserve. Actually I think I really believed it'd be awesome exercise and I'd become agile (me = ridiculously clumsy, not so much now, very much then). I think that's the end of my I-was-raised-as-societies-idea-of-a-boy topics.
This one.... still is true in some ways. The film clip for Mandy Moore's song Candy (oh no!), when she's in her second floor/attic room. I wanted to live there. Slight obsession with american culture and the freedom of youth? She also had a window ledge seat. Yeah. It looked good except for that scene in the carpark. That was just lame and full of stupid gender stereotypes and binaries.
I used to dislike the whole idea of op shops and second hand clothing from strangers. Why!? It's all I buy these days.
The most horrifying of all is probably my ignorance in calling myself an anti-feminist. I based it on nothing and have completely seen the error of my ways. I used to fight with people who had something intelligent to say and had something to stand for when I had neither. I am reformed. Thank you gender studies.

Five's album - King Size. Realllllly wanted it but was too afraid to ask for it because it was cool haha! Like coke and mars bars, I didn't think I was cool enough for them either. Even when I had the chance I wouldn't dream of selecting them. Point is, I found that Five album at an op shop so I bought it and oh dear songs written by boy bands are songs full of sexism. It's worrying. Children listen to that shit. I think I may burn the small collection of boy band albums that I possess. Except Human Nature, they seem fine.
They be my regrets and I am pretty sure that as soon as I post this I'll regret it too. This is my life

Friday, April 16, 2010

Basilica time!

"I had wasted much time on follies and spent nearly all of my youth in vain labors, and devotion to the teachings of a wisdom that God had made foolish. Suddenly, I awoke as out of a deep sleep. I beheld the wonderful light of the Gospel truth, and I recognized the nothingness of the wisdom of the princes of this world"
Basil of Caesarea, Saint Basil the Great is known as the revealer of heavenly mysteries. This has little to do with me or why I chose to create this lemon (nee blog) but it has everything to do with Basil Emo, as she was named after dear Saint Basil. As far as I know she played a large part in starting a catholic girls school in my suburb.... and she had an awesome name.

A dear dear friend of mine and I decided that we had things to say and share and our technology-curious side (seriously though, it's near non-existent in me) led us here to do just that. Disliking the term blog, we opted to henceforth dub them lemons. Lemony lemony goodness! So, welcome to my gendered, or rather ungendered, mindspace.