Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sorry, but you've labelled that wrong

Ohhh some people.

I have come across a lot of mislabelling of people and groups etcetera lately. In particular; arrogance. It seems to be a commonly held belief that a suddenly mainstream group are all and I mean ALL arrogant. Oh what fun! Let us throw about names and believe that an entire "group" of people are arrogant simply because they can be placed in that group.

So, stereotypes my children! They are socially constructed. Personal traits are not handed out at the gates of stereotypeland. Stereotypes are based on different parts of different people and/OR what people interpret others to be. People are arrogant. If you bother to talk to people you can figure out easily whether you click with them and if they're worth your fucking time. I totally agree though, arrogance is horrible. It's one of the worst things to come across in a person and I dislike it as much as the next person. Although perhaps it can be handy in some situations? I shall muse on that and if I find an answer I'll let it be known.

My point is about naming things incorrectly. To label something or someone incorrectly is just ignorant and rude. I am sure I am guilty of it more often than I'd like. I know I judge people sometimes without giving them a chance and that is often when I know I will never need to or bother to get to know them.
Arrogance. Just say you hate arrogance. Then I'll be happy to talk to you about it.

You know it!! ahhh Kinnnnggsorrrleeeeawwn

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