Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alice Practice

In comparison to you I really am utter crock.
Everytime I see you it reiterates the feeling that what you said was a joke, a tease. How could it be true? I'd love confirmation, but not to go through this wave of confusion again.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ignorance strikes again

This eve I found myself on the verge of a facebook fight. I admit it was pretty thrilling, even if it never eventuated. The topic was vegetarian and vegan lifestyles and the apparent 'types' of people who live them. The initial source of the discussion if you can call it that was a status a friend posted about signing up to greenpeace yet still being a meat eater. I jokingly suggested she just stop as a solution to what she questioned as being a contradictory action.

A day later, things had developed. Oh, the people! How they got involved! What I personally read them to be saying was that vegetarians, vegans and people from greenpeace are crazy whereasssss what I think they really mean to say is that animal liberationists and environmentalists are passionate people who will do their best to try to show why they believe what they believe to be true and beneficial to their cause. Not every vegetarian or vegan has an interest in animal lib. Some have medical conditions or a dislike for the taste of meat. Similarly, I wouldn't claim that every environmentalist is necessarily into animal liberation. They are connected in my mind but not in everyone else's.
I found these people to be ignorant and defensive. Once they come up against something they have little knowledge of, or perhaps they have grown up in an environment of predjudice, they attack that thing instead of trying to understand it. I think people are scared of what they don't know. Trying to know could require such an output of themselves that they turn on the defensive because it is easy and safe. Of course this is part of the human condition, but that doesn't validate it to me. Being an ignorant coward is nothing to admire or to be desired and a closed mind is unhealthy.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

simple and complex

Life must be a blend and flow of the two. To be exclusively either could prove meaningless and exhausting.
Sometimes I want everything to mean nothing and to just be. Just occur because it does and result in whatever and never try to show me anything but raw and base fact.
At other times I want to read into everything that I say and do, everything that is presented to me and that I witness. I want what they said to me to carry a special meaning that I must discover and it will always be exactly what they wanted me to know and I will reply. At this point, when I reply, I think in my mind it is again simple. Yes. For until it ends.
Until someone cares little enough or enough to send me such things I will continue to create them all by myself and they will cloud my judgement and influence my decisions to an unadvised extent.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Even when they're dead and gone

Barely respecting the dead

we skirt the graves

due to a fear of something we were told once,

long ago, repeated

On a happy note, Kid Sam with 'Down to the Cemetery' whom I failed to see at Laneway

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Three different things, maybe four.

I have been leaving an article about an animal liberationist and a sanctuary farm strategically around my house in the hope that my parents will read it and maybe gain something useful from it seeing as they tend to ignore me when I try to discuss my beliefs. Y'all don't know what it's like, being male, middle class and white.

Sometimes (often, very very often) I really feel that it would be so much better if I stayed outside and didn't interact with any other beings. I don't think I am very adept at thinking for myself when in the presence of anyone at all and I am terrible at saying no when it isn't blindingly obvious that it's a bad thing. Everything that has happened makes me feel like I should be in year 9. It could not sound much worse than that. Why could love not sustain me?

Paranoid again. I do think I miss you.

Only for the warm fuzzy times okay? Yes. I promise. To someone else! For someone else. Of someone else? No. Seriously though. That was uncool in extreme proportions. How did I not sort of learn through observation from the night before?

I did however ride my bicyclette. Now that was awesome.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Shirts! Shirts shirts shirts!

I have an extreeeeeeme craving for buying district lines shirts of my favourite youtubers. It's annoying though because I live by a very general rule of a) not buying clothing new and b) not buying (trust issues) things off the internet. Everything is so expensive to me!

In particular I would absolutely love the swift karate chop 'what did we learn' shirt and a dudeneedaeaseonup 'cloudy thoughts' shirt, definately in grey. I wish the swifty shirt wasn't a v neck... the only v neck I own and therefore assume I can wear is my Cure shirt but it's so awesome that you forget it's a v neck (well at least that is my thought process on the matter). Anyway check out their stuff, and their channels. Hopefully all links work!


annnd swift karate chop aka matthew brian brown