Friday, April 16, 2010

Basilica time!

"I had wasted much time on follies and spent nearly all of my youth in vain labors, and devotion to the teachings of a wisdom that God had made foolish. Suddenly, I awoke as out of a deep sleep. I beheld the wonderful light of the Gospel truth, and I recognized the nothingness of the wisdom of the princes of this world"
Basil of Caesarea, Saint Basil the Great is known as the revealer of heavenly mysteries. This has little to do with me or why I chose to create this lemon (nee blog) but it has everything to do with Basil Emo, as she was named after dear Saint Basil. As far as I know she played a large part in starting a catholic girls school in my suburb.... and she had an awesome name.

A dear dear friend of mine and I decided that we had things to say and share and our technology-curious side (seriously though, it's near non-existent in me) led us here to do just that. Disliking the term blog, we opted to henceforth dub them lemons. Lemony lemony goodness! So, welcome to my gendered, or rather ungendered, mindspace.

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