Monday, July 5, 2010

Shirts! Shirts shirts shirts!

I have an extreeeeeeme craving for buying district lines shirts of my favourite youtubers. It's annoying though because I live by a very general rule of a) not buying clothing new and b) not buying (trust issues) things off the internet. Everything is so expensive to me!

In particular I would absolutely love the swift karate chop 'what did we learn' shirt and a dudeneedaeaseonup 'cloudy thoughts' shirt, definately in grey. I wish the swifty shirt wasn't a v neck... the only v neck I own and therefore assume I can wear is my Cure shirt but it's so awesome that you forget it's a v neck (well at least that is my thought process on the matter). Anyway check out their stuff, and their channels. Hopefully all links work!


annnd swift karate chop aka matthew brian brown


  1. ack! I have a very similar thought process on the v-neck issue.
    I've always avoided them because
    a) they look ugly on most people
    b) i don't have a chest tattoo to show off

    buuut i went ahead and bought one anyway, despite all my prejudice.
    but it's not a v-neck.
    "this? nooo just an ordinary shirt.
    certainly not a v-neck. nope."
    (and so i keep telling myself) ;)

  2. I completely agree! Someone who looks good in a v neck is I dunno... either winning in life or a freak. I haven't decided which haha.
    I'm sure you look splendid in yours slashhhh of course, it "isn't actually a v neck" so there's nothing to worry about, right?