Sunday, July 18, 2010

simple and complex

Life must be a blend and flow of the two. To be exclusively either could prove meaningless and exhausting.
Sometimes I want everything to mean nothing and to just be. Just occur because it does and result in whatever and never try to show me anything but raw and base fact.
At other times I want to read into everything that I say and do, everything that is presented to me and that I witness. I want what they said to me to carry a special meaning that I must discover and it will always be exactly what they wanted me to know and I will reply. At this point, when I reply, I think in my mind it is again simple. Yes. For until it ends.
Until someone cares little enough or enough to send me such things I will continue to create them all by myself and they will cloud my judgement and influence my decisions to an unadvised extent.

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  1. life is just a series of somewhat meaningless events i have come to found... but within all the lack of meaning, patterns do emerge and it's these patterns that begin to give us the perception that there is some sort of hidden meaning to life or secret agenda that life has to be creating all these events around us. some of these events may of happened to us for a reason but those reasons are better off unknown to us because within all the lies and deception there is in the world the search for truth is what turned me insane i beleive.. i came to realise what is truth? how do we know what we perceive to be the truth really real? truth is a subjective experience based on our sensual perception of what we believe to be life; but life in itself is a subjective experience and everybody is different so how can there be a universal principal that applies to all? so there can be no true meaning to all the senselessness the world has to offer it just is how it is and that's that is the conclusion i've come to.

    i enjoyed reading your blogs i thought i'd check them out since you thought of yourself as just as only being good with words but don't say that jess there is something going on up there but its all about what you choose to apply it to :) life may not have meaning but we only get one shot at it so may as well do it right