Sunday, July 11, 2010

Three different things, maybe four.

I have been leaving an article about an animal liberationist and a sanctuary farm strategically around my house in the hope that my parents will read it and maybe gain something useful from it seeing as they tend to ignore me when I try to discuss my beliefs. Y'all don't know what it's like, being male, middle class and white.

Sometimes (often, very very often) I really feel that it would be so much better if I stayed outside and didn't interact with any other beings. I don't think I am very adept at thinking for myself when in the presence of anyone at all and I am terrible at saying no when it isn't blindingly obvious that it's a bad thing. Everything that has happened makes me feel like I should be in year 9. It could not sound much worse than that. Why could love not sustain me?

Paranoid again. I do think I miss you.

Only for the warm fuzzy times okay? Yes. I promise. To someone else! For someone else. Of someone else? No. Seriously though. That was uncool in extreme proportions. How did I not sort of learn through observation from the night before?

I did however ride my bicyclette. Now that was awesome.

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