Monday, May 24, 2010

brief and for the marks

This contains references to articles people won't read. Gender studies, yay!

Boyd’s highlight of the links that can be made between child pornography vs. paedophilia and the difference between virtual and real violence in terms of whether the latter of both situations can have a “positive cathartic effect” is excellent. If the public can easily reject the idea that child porn may prevent ‘actual’ abuse then how can many try to play down the idea that it could be the same with virtual and real violence.

Blame is often placed on the victim of the assault as they are deemed to be too emotionally involved in the game. Although by devaluing this sort of attachment that online gamers feel towards their avatars, Wolfendale argues that you could therefore question the attachment people feel towards their pets or their ideals. Some feel that their avatar is an even more accurate representation or expression of themselves so I think that an attack on an avatar has potential for serious psychological damage to the controller.

On my own personal train of thought, why haven’t the advancements in women’s rights gone hand in hand with the advancements in technology? A whole new world has been created with old world sexism and the young generation seem obsessed. If they spend their time in a place where violence towards women is either okay or encouraged, I find it hard to accept that even a little bit of that won’t carry through into their “real” lives.

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