Monday, May 10, 2010


This is what I wore on saturday, in some attempt to dress for the occasion that was writing and finishing my philosophy essay. I'm fairly sure I wrote one additional word for the essay and spent the majority of the day figuring out what was to occur in the evening/plaiting my hair. Yes. Productive.

Then on sunday I saw my auntie and she gave me clothes! Of most excitement is the jumper she knitted in the late 80s and never wore (crazy woman, she missed out). New favourite peice.

There is also this amazing looking guy in my philosophy course and he was in the lecture today. If I had to pretend I knew his heritage I'd say he is Iranian, Jewish, maybe Irish and a direct decendant of Jesus. He has the craziest mane of black curls and a beard to match. He also knows how to dress well. I just feel so happy when I see him because he looks so interesting and it makes me want to know him.

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