Thursday, May 27, 2010


I decided, early this morning, that I would do things as soon as they come to mind, or as soon as possible. I have discovered that waiting often leaves me disappointed over and over again. I should clarify that this usually applies to little things rather than great decisions that will probably affect my life to a certain extent. Probably means that I should have written this hours ago but whatever, I'll ease myself into it or something. I think I will do a trial for a week and see if it makes me.... happier or more efficient or productive. It was actually the fact that I had put off getting out of bed for about half an hour and had just convinced myself it was time to get up when my brother went into the bathroom that I decided I waste too much time waiting. This scenario occurs every single morning and every single night. So either I act, or build myself an ensuite.

This also means I will soon get a tumblr account because it looks like a lot of fun annnnnd I can leave the serious, long, gender article stuff here and be frivolous and/or fleetingly insightful there.

Hey so I'm sitting infront of the open fire and a skink came in with the firewood. Holding tiny lizards is such an amazing experience, to feel their bodies holding out for freedom. Then my dog tried to hunt it... poor baby.

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