Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Groundfloor

Don't agree with everything.

Keep it simple as long as you can, I don't wanna grow up just yet. I have only just begun the reign of terror on everyone. I see you look angrily in my direction, awkwardly silent. It's written across your face, everything you want to say.. I must admit to you though, I need to re-write, story of my life, each page blends into the next, a realisation attacks..

I'm guessing that this is my fate, but acceptance is greatly outweighed by the few lonely seconds I own as I prepare to face this alone.

I saw you yesterday, you passed me in the street. So close that I could feel you radiate. I finally found the words but now I've lost my voice. If only you could read all of my thoughts. Tell me why I'm the odd one out, and I'm the only one who isn't having fun. Why am I? Alone in the crowd and I'm the only one whose nightmare has begun. I watched you walk away, I then lost sight of you, just like the hundred thousand times before..


All lyrics by The Groundfloor; A Realisation, The Diary, Alone in the crowd.

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