Thursday, May 27, 2010

I generally dislike to dwell on the past or consider it at all

This may explain why I don't seem to learn from my mistakes.

Anyway the other day I was thinking about myspace of all things and I remembered one of the good things to come about from that time in my life. I had a friend who I found on Tim Minchin's page I believe. Joni Armandary was his name and he was a musical comedian, much like Tim and apparently they were friends. From the start we posted lengthy comments about our interests and life and how things were going and what was troubling us. He was the sort of person I wanted to be. Passionate and independant and seemingly mature. I felt so close to him and I think it was because he was so far away and that there was no risk. I could easily pull out if need be, which I doubted would ever happen. Sure, we drifted in the end but that was just due to neglect like so many relationship failings are.

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